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A Trip to the Dutch Mountains


coin++ at Zaal 100 (foto: Peter Huber)

I’ve been travelling again. This time it’s been for a gig in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Together with three other gentlemen, namely Michael Fischer, Ofir Klemperer and Ángel Faraldo, we are coin++. We played at a lovely venue called Zaal 100. The evening consisted of three different sets: before us came The Genetic Choir, then Michael Fischer together with the drummer Marcos Baggiani.

Unfortunately the concert wasn’t that well attended. Maybe the weather was too nice (oh yes, it was!), maybe the kind of music we played is (still) to difficult for the average ear. Indeed, improvisation as we practise is kind of unusual, though, I was fairly surprised how well we all could play together though we hadn’t rehearsed or even played together once before – just switching on our devices (computers, old-fashioned synthesizers and a simple mixer) and diving into the sound, all went surprisingly well.

Last but not least: Zaal 100 has to be mentioned for its delicious cooking ;)

Zaal 100coin++Dutch cooking at Zaal 100

Luckily I spent a few more days in Holland which allowed me to visit other places as well. E.g. I attended another performance by Micheal Fischer and Marcos Baggiani at Den Haag’s Loos Foundation (resp. its music department, Studio Loos). I became witness of a very special combination of different music-styles – experimental, improvised and pop-music, all in one go. Though it seems weird, after giving it some more thought this seems an interesting concept that could more commonly followed to cut the strict boundaries between musical disciplines …

turntablesinstallation detailStudio Loos

And finally I also took the chance to spend another 1 ½ days in Rotterdam, where I was offered to stay at a residency established by Stichting NAC. Contrary to Amsterdam Rotterdam doesn’t present itself as a picturesque “old” city but rather a world-open, highly dynamic city which also offers opportunities for artists I haven’t seen before. Though Charlois, the area where I stayed, is situated far off from the center a couple of young artists have managed to set up a place for living, working and presenting in a suburban surrounding which is remarkable. A whole block has been turned into a cultural center, including residencies, a communal space and a presentation room.

de.Kasde.Kas studiode.Kasde.Kasde.Kasde.Kas

But also the city’s center isn’t merely a place for yuppies in business clothes. I had the chance to visit the new, not yet finished space of Worm – an “institute for avantgardistic reacreation” (self-definition). I must say, I was impressed …

To close this article here are some more pictures I took during the day in Rotterdam

entering RotterdamRotterdamWormWormthe Netherlands Institute for Architecturethe Netherlands Institute for Architecturewhale

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