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The Sound of eBay – up and running for (almost) 5 years

The Sound of eBay was respectivly is a project that I’ve done for and in collaboration with the net-art collective UBERMORGEN.COM. For almost 5 years now people can create musical pieces by going to http://www.sound-of-ebay.com and entering an arbitrary eBay username resp. an e-mail address. The generator (“the eBay-Generator”), running on an old MacMini here in my studio, will pick up the request,  stored in a MySQL-database on UBERMORGEM.COM’s web server, and generate a unique MP3 out of it which, after it has been uploaded to the webserver, can be downloaded.

The project has created quite some buzz within the world of so-called “netart” but never would I have expected that after 5 years the project still attracts so many people (there’ve been about 70 requests over the last 2 days!). So here’s a little demonstration of how a track gets generated:

It’s not a super-sophisticated program nor is rocket science – just a hand-made script that goes beyond usual (boring) web development, done out of curiosity for an unconventional idea. Wanna give it a try?

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