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Out now: VideOSC 1.1

When I first thought about VideOSC sensors were the least thing that I had in mind. Why sensors when you get so much information from the visual side anyway? Well, whatever, almost the first user request I got when releasing VideOSC for the first time was ‘does it support sensors?’.

Whatever one thinks about sensors, maybe they serve someone using VideOSC? Currently these are the supported ones:

  • orientation
  • accelerometer
  • linear acceleration
  • magnetic field
  • gravity
  • proximity
  • light
  • air pressure
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • geo location

Except from these there are a couple of smaller updates:

  • better support of device display density
  • one may now store the current activation/deactivation status of the pixels on quit
  • small GUI update now. s

The Future

VideOSC 1.1 wasn’t really ‘planned’ as a release. Nevertheless there are bigger changes happening in the background right now. The application is currently in the middle of being ported to Processing 3, respectively Java 8. Once functionality has been (re)established I am planning to improve user interaction broadly. I. e. I will not change the color-based idea yet want to create a meaningful and intuitive way of manual interaction that allows so to say a fine-grained creation of fixed patterns by setting pixels to a fixed value (which in turn will be reflected by the pixels color).

Beyond the just described there’s a lot more which goes beyond the scope of this article. Nothing is yet fixed though. There’s a lot I’m missing with other control applications and there are simple things that are missing with VideOSC. I will try to build an application that serves my personal demands as well as I hope will do for the demands of others as well.

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