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argument specifying the desired quantization of the event


This is an argument for many methods such as player-play(atTime)

It specifies when the bundle or event or result of the method should occur.

Nil : immediately

Float : that many seconds from now if time is greater than server latency, it will be scheded in sclang and only sent close to the time

Integer : according to TempoClock on the next

1 bar 2 half bar 4 beat 8 8th note 16 16th note etc.

execute the following several times. this will launch multiple patches playing the impulse. they should each start at the start of the next bar.

Date : at that time on that date if in the future

Date has to have raw seconds set to work ! use Date.localtime or Date.getDate to create a Date object with the raw seconds set. and then make relative changes to that date.

ie. you can't make a,month ....) and expect that to work. note: a getRawSeconds primitive would solve this problem.

See the schedBundle method extensions for the actual implementations of these.