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Coding Art & Sound

I like music. Or more generally: I love sound. Just as much as I was a visual person (or artist) I do believe acoustic perception is a fascinating field that offers a lot more than contemporary pop music (well, which isn’t uninteresting per se). Since I have gotten in touch with the internet in the end of the 1990s or so I have learned to know many fascinating new approaches to sound and music (I always loved to listen to the radio when I went to school, far away from any big city that could have offered me opportunities to hear and see interesting new things, but that seems nothing to what the contemporary world-wide web has to offer…).
Moreover I have learned to use the computer as a creational tool for myself – first for graphic design, then websites and finally programming.

Currently I still enjoy most working with a program called SuperCollider,  a programming environment for realtime audio-manipulation (and more). So far I’ve used it for a project named “The Sound of eBay” as well as I’m still working on my personal live-setup (freely available on github).

Aside from that I have some skills in building websites (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript) as well as I play around with things like Processing (Java), Arduino (hardware-controller programming, Java), OpenFrameworks (C++ framework) from time to time.