Stefan Nussbaumer: CV

  • 1966 in Lienz, Austri


“Coming up for air” – a radio broadcast on Radio Orange 94.0, Vienna, in collaboration with the Vienna Radia Collective,
“Reveil 2023” – a contribution to an audio streaming project following the sunrise around the world,


“Ein Konzert für Fische und Menschen” – underwater feedback soundsystem, free Improvisation, at “Dronaukanal”, Centralgarden, Vienna.
With MS Mutt and Lucas Henao Serna
“Haus, Hans, Haar” – Live performance at “Der Salon”, Vienna


Workshop within the project “Post-Normal Sound Mapping “, Wienwoche 2021 (Festival), Vienna


Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, Seestadt, Vienna


Paraflows (festival), audio-visual live performance, solo
Sonic Territories (festival), duo Pa.St, together with Paul Aigner, live performance
“Wideness, Hoovering and the Weight of Existence”, Vienna Improvisers Orchestra
Velak Gala #109 – COIN, duo with Michael Fischer
“Interface I – In my camera” – solo exhibition (painting) at LLLLLL
SFIEMA – free musical improvisation w/ CHRA (Christina Nemec), Paul Aigner and Mia Zabelka
Klangmanifeste 2019 – sound intallation “in the noise of the night and the still of the day”

Free improvisation: Zabelka und Fariello, Nussbaumer; Vekks, Vienna
Small Forms session – solo performance, recording; Chateaux Rouge, Vienna
Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, “This Moment in Life”, Schielefest, Maria Anzbach
Jot12 Opening – solo performance, Seestadt, Vienna
RARA Festival 2018 – festival for freely imrovised music in Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily, Italy. Several performances in various constellations e.g. together with Michael Fischer and Riccardo Napoli.
RARA pre-opening at Artisti Associati MATT’Officina, Modica, Sicily, Italy
Presentation/lecture at Salon Goldschlag
“Looking at a Room” – an audio-visual live perormance at SFIEMA, Cafe Korb, Vienna

JazzaJ Karambol – BIO meets VIO @Három Holló, Budapest, Hungary
Vienna Improvisers Orchestra XS at 10 years MOOZAK – Steinergasse 8, Vienna
Wavering Worlds #10 – Paul Gründorfer, Stefan Nussbaumer, Michael Fischer; bb15, Linz, Austria
AIR2hEAR #8 – composers’ encounters at Amann Studio, Vienna, Austria
MOOZAK #91 – solo performance at Au, Vienna, Austria
“Hin- und Retour 2” – solo performance, Lienz, Austria
Vienna Improvisers Orchestra – concert at Fabrik, Seestadt Wien

Workshop VideOSC/CVCenter/SuperCollider – Seelab, Seestadt, Wien
Vienna Improvisers Orchestra – concert at Künstlerhaus 1050, Vienna
(Korean) colored noise – live performance, Zentrale, Vienna
Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2016 – workshop, presentation; Seoul, South Korea

Momente der Gegenwart – 10 Years Vienna Improvisers Orchestra

Klangkunsttage 2014 – solo performance “Philae”
SALoTTo VIENNA – solo performance “the Music of Color”,, La Musica di Colore
“Velak Export” – solo performance,

“Velak Gala #63” – improvisation together with Michael Fischer and Wolfgang Fuchs
“The City Breathing” – an installation/performance at Masc Foundation, Grundsteingasse, Vienna during the opening of “Road to Nowhere” (festival) – the installation was built using SuperCollider. Code can be found at
“New Ways of Jazz” – live-improvistion together with Michael Fischer, Ofir Klemperer, Ángel Faraldo (all together  = “COIN”), Zaal 100, Amsterdam –
6. Burgenländische Tanztage – live-improvisation together with Michael Fischer and 4 dancers, Offenes Haus Oberwart; led by Liz King


The Sound of eBay

eBay’s concept is based on transactions between buyers and sellers – transactions between human beings, not consumers and companies. The eBay-Generator SOFTWARE reflects this concept in a way that it does not only generate your free personal song, the generator itself shall become a free application that any user can install on her/his Computer to produce AN endless stream of bubbling eBay-grooves.The black box will be released as a standalone application published under GNU public licence – written in SuperCollider (sc3).

The Sound of eBay has been presented as part of Recontres Internationales, Madrid, May 2008.

Further exhibitions and public viewings

  • Les Rencontres Internationales, Theatre Paris/Villette, “The Sound of eBay Installation”
  • Sight and Sound, Maryland Institute College of Art [MICA] Baltimore, “The Sound of eBay”
  • Stuttgarter Filmwinter, “The Sound of eBay Installation”
  • ZKM Karlsruhe, “YOU_ser 2.0”, “The Sound of eBay”
  • CREAM Japan 2009 (honory mention –
  • Pikslaverk 2008 – Icelandic Festival of Software Art


a project by and for UBERMORGEN.COM


The Sound of Mercadolibre

MercadoLibre is the largest online trading platform in Latin America, market leaders in e-commerce in each of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela (based on unique visitors and page views during 2006).”The Sound of Mercadolibre” transforms mexican Mercadolibre-User account-data (ratings, comments) into unique synthetic mariachi-jazz-songs! The Mercadolibre user-values are represented acoustically, generating a pattern from the signature-data-file. By doing so we choose a swell, affirmative approach towards the Mercadolibre Corporation and its wonderful latin american marketplace.

The Sound of Mercadolibre has been presented as part of TransitionMX Festival, Mexiko City, September 2007

a project by and for UBERMORGEN.COM

2-months residency at Gryasnaya Galareya (“the dirty gallery”) in Saint Petersburg, Russia

since 2004
electronic algorithmic sound production and composition, mainly using the realtime audi-manipulation environment SuperCollider – live-performances as well as installation works.

doing the website for the annual artfestival SOHO in Ottakring

“besonnen”, an internet-project in collaboration with Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler
curatorial function at gallery Art & Weise, Vienna

“der letzte Maler”, a 10-minute shortfilm in collaboration with the cameraman Klaus Fuxjäger, Prague

other exhibitions (selection)

“Hin und Retour” – group exhibition, Lienz, Austria

“CsMFMAATSGOIS” – a “perfomance-installation” for PARAFLOWS, the ‘annual convention for digital arts and cultures’, Vienna”Globi-Award” – Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna

“Kunst aus dem Süden Tirols” – Bezirkshauptmannschaft Klosterneuburg

“NetzNetz” – netculture-convention at Künstlerhaus Wien
”Agieren nach dem Tod von Cheibane Wague” (acting after the death of Cheibane Wague)
gallery Schloss Damtschach (solo-exhibition)

“basislager”, SOHO IN OTTAKRING

“flucht_linien”, SOHO IN OTTAKRING

“coming_out_analyse”, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt

“Arbeiten”, gallery Art & Weise
”Ar | chi | tek | tur”, gallery Gaudens Pedit, Lienz

“Herz”, gallery Rondula, Lienz

“Osttirol”, gallery Synthese, Lienz

municipial gallery Lienz (solo-exhibition)

 “Orientalismus Zyklus”, gallery MANA, Vienna

 “10 x 10″, Schloss Bruck, Lienz