Highway 138

Highway 138 is leading along the mountain range east of Los Angeles. The road also marks the beginning of the Mojave desert.

“Highway 138” is not an analysis of an architectonic situation or municipal architecture. It rather reflected a subjective perspective on civilization. Consisting of videos filmed driving on highway 138, a night walk through Las Vegas, scenes from a Los Angeles freeway and a bicycle-ride through the outskirts of Lienz, the images were mixed up like the ice cubes in a cocktail, underlayed by the sounds of slot machines, Los Angeles radio stations and my rattling bicycle. The videos were shown on three monitors, standing on a platform that was constantly moving forward and backward. The installation was an architecture within the architecture of the gallery, forcing spectators to change their position from moment to moment.

“Highway 138” is a research on the “in-between”. Between one moment and the next. Moving through the space between architecture and life. How do these places remain in my memory? How does our experience form our wishes? Where is the place I want to be? Where do you want to be? How does the place look like I want to live in?

“Highway 138” was part of the exhibition Ar | chi | tek | tur.

Highway 138: moving platform with screens