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A few things I’ve done apart from painting pictures

The Sound of eBay

First there was silence …
Then there was data …
But there was no story …
Just images and sounds …
cities were built and a grid was laid on top of the topography

made for and in collaboration with ubermorgen.com

Highway 138

highway 138

was my contribution for an exhibition of young architects and artists, for which I also did the graphic design.

Title of the exhibition: Ar | chi | tek | tur



is based on an old friendship: When I was a teenager my friend Kurt Baluch initiated a weekly meeting of (hobby)artist, in which we tried to communicate by means of art …

SOHO inOttakring

soho in ottakring

is an independent, organized-by-artists art-festival, also located in Ottakring. As Ottakring is one of Vienna’s most multi-cultural and multi-ethnical areas it puts a strong focus on issues of migration, integration and participation.



was a small non-profit gallery in the 16thdistrict of Vienna, Ottakring. Its focus lies on art which is rather rarely represented in the international and urban artworld. Since the beginning of 2000 I curated exhibitions and developed several projects for the gallery. Especially I was interested in the integration of the public in our projects. E.g. the project “Wunschbilder” by Tom Klengel worked with immigrant children from the playground next to the gallery. “Sommerloch” converted the gallery into an overdimensional mailbox, where those who had to stay in the city for the summer could deposit their desires and dreams.


was my contribution to the festival Klangmanifeste in 2019