basislager (german for base camp) stands for an open dialog among artists. In this case artist does not necessarily stand for someone who actively participation in exhibitions or other events within the art world.

basislager had its origin in a weekly meeting my friend Kurt Baluch initiated in the early eighties. Main issue of these meetings was communication by means of art. This kind of collective work was a main impact for my decision to become a visual artist. I learned to recognize art not primarily as matter of skills, but a way to find myself and my approach to the world.

basislager is supposed to be a free platform for anyone who wants to take part in the dialogue, which is based on equality and the respect of the unique expression of any human being. This shall help to find the unique qualities and abilities in each ones personality.

a few examples for the activities of basislager:


10 x 10 was a collaboration between non-handicapped and handicapped artists from the Kunstwerkstatt der Lebenshilfe Lienz. The title of the project is reference to the given format: 10 * 10 cm. All works had to be done only in black and white.

The project was exhibited at Schloss Bruck near Lienz in 1986.

Idea & Concept: Kurt Baluch — Participants: Kurt Baluch, Hannes Franz, Stefan Nussbaumer, Karl Pfurtscheller, Karl Pichler, Konstanze Stotter, Andreas Brunner, Martha Presslaber, Adolf Sorko, Helmut Trojer

basislager at SOHO IN OTTAKRING: 2002 | 2003. Two installations, designed as open communication spaces during the art-festival SOHO IN OTTAKRING.

Participants 2002: Stefan Nussbaumer, Markus Orsini-Rosenberg, Alina Kunitsyna, Brendan Kronheim + Martina Höfler, Wolfgang Capellari + Dorit Crysler, Cara Musa
Participants 2003: Stefan Nussbaumer, Andreas Rosenberg

Hilf Leben?!
Günther Steiner suffers from a severe cerebral palsy that makes any act of daily life impossible without help. But Günther has become a true expert on his MacIntosh PC: he has designed an international virtual company, the “HILF LEBEN?! Konzern © Günther Steiner” (“HELP-LIVING?! combine © Günther Steiner”).
In an exhibition at the Max-Gandolf-Bibliothek in Salzburg he presented his company to the public. I designed a web-documentation for this.