Monthly Archives: June 2007

A day in Venice / VideoTochka at Damtschach

Already 2 days ago Videotochka was presented at Damtschach near Villach, Carinthia — a rather “private” event, though it has been interesting for me to recognize people reacting very differently on the works that were shown along our little tour. In either case people proved […]

13-06-2007: VideoTochka at CineX, Lienz

Today we’re having the first in a series of 3 presentations for Sergey Teterin’s “Videotochka” VideoTochka has originally been founded as a temporary gallery for Russian videoart in Perm, a Russian city about 2.000 km east of Moscow. Differently to other places for contemporary art, […]

Sergey Teterin has arrived

Early this morning my friend, the russian media-artist and curator Sergey Teterin from Perm, Russia has arrived here in Vienna, together with his wife Anja and his daughter Serafima. Sergey has come to Austria again to present his project VideoTochka at the MUSA (“Museum auf […]