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13-06-2007: VideoTochka at CineX, Lienz

Today we’re having the first in a series of 3 presentations for Sergey Teterin’s “Videotochka”

VideoTochka has originally been founded as a temporary gallery for Russian videoart in Perm, a Russian city about 2.000 km east of Moscow. Differently to other places for contemporary art, the audience was rewarded for its attention.

“I am convinced that in the future all galleries and museums will start to pay their visitors. This seems logical and useful as the attention of every single human being is becoming more and more expensive and the general debate on modern art efforts a growing concentration from the citizens.” Sergey Teterin, curator and founder of VideoTochka

At todays presentation here in Lienz at the local cinema CineX, starting at 6.30 pm, our visitors won’t be paid any money but we’re doing this at free entrance.

further tour-dates:

www.videotochka.ru | www.teterin.ru


  1. Posted 10 Jul ’07 at 5:04 pm | Permalink

    hey Ian,

    thanks for this. I’m gonna forward this to sergey (he might be reading my blog anyway …). Here in Piter I’m still somewhat limited, though I might have a 1mbit dsl-connection even this week …

  2. Posted 10 Jul ’07 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    In our recent show in Mexico, The Penacho Code’s Value of Art game, we paid table leaders in feather money :) This was feathers laminated a la the famous flower money .. and then used to purchase artists for their groups in an auction.

    You can see a video at http://penachocode.com/vicio/el_vicio_20070621_5m1.mp4 and there is more explanation at http://penachocode.com/introduction.html

    This might count as an event where we pay the audience ;) but I’ll let Sergey be the judge of that.

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